they are in order left to right pick one on the poll

they are in order left to right pick one on the poll

Getting to handle the District 50 grapevine basket is an honor taking over after our friend Paul G. GOD rest his soul in eternal peace. Anyone who is looking to learn about the grapevine, give me a shout and I will do my best to assist you. Check me out at meetings I will have the basket and I am working on my presentation board. Tell me what you like here’s my sketches do the poll and I will pick before May 17th.


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Grapevine Quote

I would certainly suggest you sign up. Its free and its

a reminder the grapevine is around and

it helps and it will come to you when you least expect it.

Announcements District 50

District 50 Business Meeting

Alcoholics Anonymous DIstrict Meeting

Clayton Big Book Anniversary


Clayton Big Book anniversary Alcoholics Anonymous District 50

Anniversaries Please

The best group in the world has to have members. If your group is anything like mine. Those members aren’t only awesome but they have anniversaries  to remember the time when A.A. entered into your life for the better.

Lets celebrate by getting your groups list of members S.D. for the Newsletter.

We are a community; We celebrate together until we finally die alone.